New Life Services offers a variety of modalities to aid you on your road to better health by improving and strengthening the body from the inside out. All services are administered by Lynn D. Munroe, Certified Colon Hydrotherapist and Licensed Practical Nurse.


  • Colonics
    • First appointment is $150 for 90 minutes.
    • Follow-up appointments are $95 for 60 minutes or $150 for 90 minutes.
      • Both of the above services include a nutritional consultation. If the appointment runs over the allotted time, you will be charged accordingly.
  • Coffee Enema Colonic
    • $160 for 90 minutes.
  • Ozonated Colonic
    • $200 for 110 minutes.
  • Ear Coning
    • $60 for 60 minutes.
  • Nutritional Consultation
    • $50 for 30 minutes.
  • Ozonated/Hyperthermic Sauna
    • $50 for 30 minutes.
Hours are Monday – Saturday by appointment only.

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