New Life Services is independently owned and operated by Lynn D. Munroe, Licensed Colon Hydrotherapist and Licensed Practical Nurse since 2005. Lynn is a lifelong student of health and has been an avid researcher for over 40 years.

In addition to Colon Hydrotherapy, we now have a new Ionic Foot Bath available individually or as an add on to any colonic!

Other services we offer are Coffee Enema Colonics, Ear Coning, Nutritional Consultations and Ozonated/Hyperthermic Sauna. For more information about other modalities, click here.

Did you know coffee enemas were administered after world war I to the soldiers for pain medication? It also (accidentally) improved their healing time.

Located off Route 53 at 46 Columbia Road, Suite 3B, Pembroke MA 02359. 781-826-3100. Entrance to the right of Family Sports and left of Mother Ana’s restaurant.

Did you know?

Enemas/Colon Lavage has been in existence since 1500 B.C., first originating in Egypt before moving to other countries. In the 1800s, Dr. Kellogg rejuvenated Colon Hydrotherapy in the United States. Dr. Kellogg was a strong proponent of the enema in the treatment of many diseases.


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